Caine Thompson
Wine reviews
26 Jun 2017

A Chance Encounter Lead to One of the Biggest New Packaging Innovations in Wine ~ Locations

The email began: “Could a chance encounter with a taxi lead to one of the biggest new things in wine?”

Locations Wines Got My Attention

It went on:

A strange statement, I know – but true.

Just after the 2010 harvest, Dave Phinney (Orin Swift fame, and the winemaker for Stanton Vineyards, for instance) was at the Charles de Gaulle airport, lamenting with a friend about how existing wine regulations were limiting his ability to make some really nice wine. He joked about possibilities, imagining what he could do if there were no rules. What if you could blend across French appellations? What if you could produce a blend that represented France? What if there were no rules, and how fun would it be to travel this country to find great growers with old vines while experiencing the culture and people of this place?

As he said his final goodbyes, a taxi pulled curbside and he noticed the very distinctive “F” sticker on the license plate. His mind exploded with thought and possibility. What if he could take this idea and do this not only in France, but also in Italy, Spain, and Portugal? Great wine is made all over the world. What if he could produce a range of wines across all of the major wine regions of the world? What if this could be done while having a whole lot of fun, and by creating a team of some of the best people in each of these countries, producing a wine that pays homage to their home land without compromise and without boundaries?

Who would have thought this bumper sticker would be his epiphany, and the vision for Locations Wine?