Caine Thompson
Wine reviews
05 Jun 2017

Cliffs Wine Picks – Locations Tasting with Dave Phinney

I was recently invited to “sit in” on an online tasting and chat with Dave Phinney the winemaker for Locations Wines. It was a lively hour learning about Dave and his vision of Locations Wines. You can tell this is a very important project for Dave. There were a few times when the emotions took over making the chat seem even more real.

Dave’s goal is to create the best wine possible in a country regardless of where the wines were grown. This may sound perfectly normal but this goes against the traditions (and regulations) that have been in place, in some cases, forever. In America, cross appellation wines are common place. It’s not unusual for a wine to contain grapes from multiple regions. Ever see a bottle of Zinfandel labeled as coming from California? This means the grapes came from multiple regions in the state…perhaps Lodi, Russian River Valley, Lake County, Amador, or anywhere in the state. Dave goes one step further, he uses grapes from anywhere in the country. Imagine a US blend including Pinot Noir from Oregon, Merlot from Washington, Cabernet Sauvignon from California and Cabernet Franc from New York.