Caine Thompson
Wine reviews
22 Jun 2017

Locations Wine Lets You Drink Around The World

I haven’t seen any of my in real life friends for months. Yes, MONTHS. For them, having a friend that is a travel writer is a tough gig. I mean, I’m never home, never around to talk to or drink wine with. Fortunately, my friends are understanding and when they all arrived at my house for a Locations Wine tasting night we picked up right where we left off.

There were four of us trying the wines. Two of us really love reds and the other two lean more towards sweeter whites, but they were willing to expand their taste buds and give the reds a try.

Locations Wines take grapes from a region and blends them together to create a wine that represents that area. I was a little hesitant to try wine blends, but then I thought, why not? So a reply to Locations Wine had six bottles being shipped my way. Once they arrived I set a wine tasting date and my friends arrived to help me taste my way through the wines.