Caine Thompson
Wine reviews
07 Jun 2017

Locations Wines That Begin With C

Dave Phinney is a worldly winemaker. His Locations range, known for their distinctive labeling that identifies the country of origin, includes wine from Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Argentina, California, Oregon, Washington, Texas and Corsica. Whew. That’s a lot to keep track of, and a lot of airline miles accumulated in a year. We have tasted most of these wines and the quality is uniformly high. Like the prior wines, these wines were received as tasting samples.

Beyond the distinctive labeling, Dave takes a decidedly different approach to winemaking than almost every other winemaker. He throws appellation regulations that restrict winemaking by boundary and grape variety out the window and simply makes a wine that he believes is the best representation of a specific location. Many Locations wines are blends but not all. We have one of each in this Cellar Note.