Caine Thompson
Wine reviews
26 Jun 2017

A Palette of Whites for your Summer Palate

From Dave Phinney’s Location line, two tasty whites. One with the classic monogram, the other with a different look. Both with contents I’d recommend and enjoy again. CORSE is a Corsican white, 100% Vermentino. A pale golden hue with a lively palate: citrus blossom, lime zest, crisp pear and green notes. I opened without reading the tasting notes or composition. With limited experience with Corsican wines, I went in blind. The dark label suggested, perhaps, a rich have wine. I was surprised and so smitten I was at the wine store the next day and brought home another bit of Corsica.

One might see the CA on the label of the white Locations wine and make assumptions about the contents. one would be wrong. The CA4 is a blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, and Roussane. Only 30% sees new French oak and the fruit stays front and center. A balanced blend of citrus and honey notes, stone fruit shines and is tempered with acid and minerality. An approachable, versatile summer wine.